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Ben Kinney on winning clients with KLOUT

Ben Kinney on winning clients with KLOUT.


New app called localmind uses foursquare

Read link below!!!

Great article linking real estate to foursquare…..

Bozeman Real Estate in May

Well the months of April and May are shaping up really well for us.  Contracts are being written, closed, and homes sold.  We’re seeing more walk-in clients and the buzz around the office is that everyone is busy and working.  In a so-called tough local market, the mood in our office is very upbeat.   These deals and closings are NOT just on foreclosures or short sales, even though we sport some local experts in both.

Reports are coming in from Indiana and Florida as well that homes are moving there as well (we happen to have some real estate connection in Florida) and we are crossing our fingers that the nationwide trend in the real estate market continues to rise!

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Keller Williams – Words from our Leader

Working with Keller Williams is a unique experience nationwide, but we especially love it in Bozeman!  Even though our leaders are in Austin, Texas, we hear from them a lot.  Below are some words from our CEO Gary Keller, on being a real estate agent with Keller Williams, and the power of one!


You don’t have to be an individual that is disciplined. You don’t have to be a punctual person. Although they are important, they are other issues. Instead of telling yourself “I need to be disciplined,” tell yourself “I need to be appropriate in my life.” Ask yourself “Is this what I need to be doing at this point in my life?” WHEN YOU PUT THESE TOGETHER THE WORLD FALLS INTO PLACE!!


Be clear about your purpose and set your priorities based on that.
If everyday you are as productive as you can be based on your purpose, then
you will have no regrets. No unfinished business.
The best way to manage your stress is to be appropriate at all times. Be where
you need to be and do what you need to be doing.


Discipline life
• Instead, be a person with specific disciplines (5-10)
• No one can be disciplined all the time
• Narrow it down to the essence of what makes it happen

 Will power is always on will call
• Will power is a resource – put your priorities at the beginning of the day
• Save your will power for the right stuff
• We lose our energy because we don’t think about it – we don’t protect it
• The will to do something is not absolute and unyielding

Everything matters equally
• Figure out what matters most and do that! – Foundational concept of no
• Self talk – if someone tries to talk to you out of it, yourself talks you back
into it
• Doing a lot of things doesn’t mean you did anything that matters
• Ask yourself: “Did I get the right thing done?” NOT: “Did I get a lot of things done?”


The world “multi-tasking” comes from the computer world, from thinking that
because a computer works so fast that it is “multi-tasking.”
You can “task switch” and give the illusion of “multi-tasking,” but it is not real.
If you want to be a great juggler, you have to learn how to do one thing at a time.
We are driven to distraction. Task switching is stopping and starting, stopping and
starting and is inefficient.
To do two things at once is to do neither.
Task switching costs you quality.

Hope you enjoyed these thoughts- as always if you are interested in joining the Keller Williams Family – give our team leader, Stuart Binenstock, a call at 522-7000 or email him at

Keller Williams Montana Real Estate

Green Cleaning Tips

Everyone wants a clean home, and lots of us are trying to go greener.  We’d like to keep Bozeman and the rest of the world as beautiful as we can!  So try some of these simple green cleaning tips to get on your way to saving the planet.

1. Don’t underestimate water.  For light dusting, wiping down the kitchen, bathroom counters, just water can do wonders.  And HOT water disinfects!  Also adding a tablespoon of baking soda can help boost water’s cleaning abilities.

2. Vinegar.  Great for windows and other shiny, chrome fixtures!

3. Dust with a dry, microfiber cloth.  Traps dust great, and your furniture doesn’t need polished every week!  Polish a few times a year with a wood wax or oil (olive oil with a little lemon juice works great!)

4.  Enforce a no-indoor shoe policy, it will keep your floors MUCH cleaner!

5.  Dry your laundry outside on a line or rack for a fresh-smelling, low-energy clean!

6.  Unclog drains with boiling water – do it about once a week to avoid the need for harsher drain cleaners!

7.  Best air freshener EVER – crack a window!

8.  I’ve never tried it, but I hear scrubbing with snow works well!

For a great source for continue green cleaning and other green clean tips, check out!

– Keller Williams MT Realty, Bozeman

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10 Most Expensive Homes in Bozeman, MT

Luxury. Oozing and dripping with luxury, extras, and pie-in-the-sky ideas, these homes make me drool.  Actually in the market for one? You’re one in a million!  Just looking for fun? Yeah, me too!  Well, check ’em out! Check ’em out!

#1 – 100 Horsetail Lane – $8,950,000
5 bedroom, 7 bath, 12,715 sq ft home on a gated 20 acre estate.

#2 – 4872 Jackson Creek Rd – $6,990,000
3 bedroom, 2 bath, 6846 sq ft home on 259 acres in Bridger Canyon!

#3 – 300 Red Twig Lane – $6,499,000
5 bedroom, 6 bath, 8299 sq ft home on 20 acres.  Built by Locati and includes a stocked trout pond!

#4 – 6462 River Road – $5,950,000
7 bedroom, 6 bath, 9300 sq ft home on 79 acres. 3 bedroom home + guest house.

#5 – 1859 Bridger Woods Rd. – $5,500,000
5 bedroom, 9 bath, 10,478 sq ft home on 38 acres modeled after an Italian alpine villa!

#6 – 3113 Johnson – $4,200,000
4 bedroom, 7 bath, 7084 sq ft home on 32 acres. 15,000 sq ft arena/barn/caretaker’s apartment.

#7 – 1375 Moose Point Rd – $3,950,000
4 bedroom, 5 bath, 5599 sq ft home. This European influenced house was designed and built by Art Reese, using over 200 tons of stone, cedar beams, and Brazilian Teak decks.

#8 – 144 Star Ridge Rd – $3,450,000
4 bedroom, 7 bath, 6544 sq ft home.  Built by Locati – features a swimming pool and wine cellar!

#9 – 6701 Sourdough Canyon – $3,400,000
4 bedroom, 4 bath, 5050 sq ft home.  7 acres, 2 ponds, and Bozeman Creek runs through!

#10 – 212 Star Ridge Rd – $3,300,000
6 bedroom, 8 bath, 6839 sq ft home on 20 acres. Gourmet kitchen, balcony, and exercise area!

If you are interested in any of these homes, or if you’d like to see some others in a different price range, call us at 406-522-7000!

Keller Williams MT Real Estate – Bozeman

What we look for in real estate agents…

In new agents:

1. Integrity – Deals will go well, clients and colleagues will trust you, and your word of mouth business will grow!

2. Creativity – We look for someone with creativity in problem solving.  You need to be able to look into the future and anticipate.  Creativity is so  important in marketing yourself, your identity, and your career path.

3. Self-Motivated and Independent – We want you to have the fire and desire to succeed. What is your big “WHY”?  Why are you in real estate? If you have the drive, we will provide inspiration and tools to help you to the top!  At the same time, our agents need to have a respect for teamwork and the KW Culture of integrity, service, and compassion.


In experienced agents:

1. See above. 🙂

Whether you’ve never sold a house or sold 5,000 of them, if you have these characteristics, we would love to talk with you.

Keller Williams Montana Real Estate – Bozeman